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The Forestville Clock Company and Forestville Clocks

The Blackforest Clock Company of Toronto, Ontario was founded by Leopold and Sara Stossel in 1928. Both clock movements and complete clocks were imported from Germany and sold through department and jewelry stores across Canada. Their son Ed Stossel started working part time with his parents' company in the 1930s, and later became a full-time employee in the late 1940s.

Some assembly work was carried out in their Wellington Street East factory. Initially, imported mantel clock and grandfather clock movements were installed in cases made in Kitchener, but later the complete mantel clocks were imported from Germany. This arrangement was interrupted by the Second World War, which also led to a name change to the Forestville Clock Company in 1941. During the war years this company imported its clock movements from England, the United States, and even France. However, starting in the mid 1950s German factories again became the source of most Forestville clocks, with Mauthe being a major supplier.

The Forestville Clock Company was very successful during the middle decades of the twentieth century. Its grandfather clock cases and some of the wall clock cases were made in Canada. Ed Stossel retired in 1979; however, his company continues to this day.

There are many thousands of these clocks in Canadian homes. Look for wood-cased mantel clocks and porcelain wall/desk clocks with the written name Blackforest or Forestville on the face. Most Blackforest and Forestville mantel clocks still have their paper labels tacked inside the back door.

There are no finer timepieces than Forestville Clocks. Commercial wall clocks, executive desk clocks, and antique mantle clocks, to novelty clocks, anniversary clocks, and grandfather clocks; Forestville is the Canadian brand of clocks with old world craftsmanship.